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More about Ellie design studio


My name is Elitsa Dimitrova and I am the founder of Ellie Design Studio.


The Beginning

My interest in interior design dates back to eternity. It happened that my professional career developed in a different direction and design was for a long time my hobby, my escape, and my inspiration. In the last 10 years, however, I have been searching for ways to improve my skills in this field.

I’ve been looking for the right training and sources of information, and so things have gradually come together.
Today I’m excited because I finally have the opportunity to step up and turn this passion of mine into a profession!


The Experience

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in several big companies. I had the opportunity to understand in detail the work processes, habits, and needs of people and organizations. This experience, coupled with my passion for interior design, gives me the confidence to focus on building functional workspaces. They not only look innovative and fresh but also provide the people who use them the function and comfort which they deserve.


Looking for new horizons

Despite my experience in creating workspaces, I feel a sincere inspiration to create in all areas of interior design. Every type of design – residential, commercial, public – has its intriguing essence. And it’s a challenge for me as a creator and a professional. My goal in every finished project is to see the excitement in the eyes of the client when they see their dream space came true!


The Dream Team

As you might guess, the way from conceiving the concept to the realization of an interior design project is a quite complicated process. Without reliable partners and qualified professionals, it is often doomed to failure. In this aspect, I feel greatly favored because I have the opportunity to work with outstanding professionals in the industry.


The Most Important

None of that matters, however, if there are no people who choose to trust a designer. The trust you grant to me, letting me enter your office, home, restaurant, or store – is a great opportunity and a privilege for me.


I’m looking forward to meeting you and working together.