Challenge: To make a young client happy so that he does not want to leave his room

The parents of 9-year-old Max contacted us and told us that he did not enjoy his room at all. He does not like to spend time in it and for this reason, he hardly uses it. They desired to make him a room in which he could feel happy, to be his innermost place, and to spend happy days in a room that would bring him joy and comfort.

We wanted the overall feeling to be of a soft relaxing atmosphere and to give the opportunity and space for all the things that the child likes to do. For the furniture, we opted for the classic white color and created a background on which to contrast nicely.

After talking to Max and he told us what he enjoys doing and what he likes, we created the concept for the room he dreamed of.
Max is a big fan of Hot wheels and has a collection of cars that we wanted to be able to be in an accessible place, to easily pick up the cars and at the same time to be in order. That’s why we provided small shelves on which to place his favorite cars. He also likes to play darts with friends and beat them on chess (which he did with me 🙂).


Childrens' room


We opted for a big bed for more comfort and it became the focus of the room.


Large bed


We also created an area with comfortable bean bags, where Max can have conversations with friends who visit him and play his favorite chess.


Bean bags


We also optimized the learning area by adding more storage space for textbooks and his favorite board games. We made sure that the desk was comfortable and ergonomic so that the long computer hours were as comfortable as possible.


Study desk


We judge the success of the project only by the excitement written on Max’s face when he saw his room for the first time and jumped on the bed with joy.

You can see more photos from the project in the gallery.




Elitsa Dimitrova


Plovdiv, Bulgaria


15 Sq. m.

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