Challenge: Identify functional areas in a divided space.

The design project for this spacious child’s room was entrusted to us by a wonderful family that was a real pleasure to work with!

We were very excited to create comfort and functional areas for their five years old son.

The major requirements were to designate one part of the room as a bedroom. The other part of the Boy’s room had to include areas for study, games with friends and of course many storage options for clothes and toys.

The whole house is designed in a modern clean style and the predominant color is white. That’s why we decided to keep the trend in the Boy’s room as well. We used clean, smooth surfaces and straight lines typical of the home design. However, when working on the games area, we added shades of gray, which visually define the space and help to differentiate the individual areas.

In the games area, we used vibrant shades of green and blue to create the mood for play. In the sleeping area, we used softer tones and fabrics, creating  calmness and coziness.


Thanks to the team of professionals we work with, the project was executed with extreme attention to detail and high quality.

You can see the photos we took on the day of the installation in the gallery below.

The most important thing, however, is the end result – that is, a grinning smile and delight in the eyes of the little occupant of the room!

Spesial Thanks to our clients for trusting us!!


The Todorovs family


Elitsa Dimitrova


Pazardzhik, Bulgaria


30 Sq. m.

Estate type