Interior renovation

Challenge: to renovate the interior

Our task in this project was to renovate the interior of the living room + kitchenette, exchange the places of the bathroom and toilet, expanding the new bathroom.

The client’s requirements were for the furniture to be white MDF material, and to leave as much free space as possible to play in the living room, as the family has two dogs and a cat. We also wanted to incorporate turquoise, which is a favorite of the gentler half of the family.

We started by optimizing the functionality of the kitchenette. We replaced the distressed bartop with an island that provides more storage and food preparation space.
To complement the client’s desired look for a classic interior, we decided on white Subway tiles for the kitchen backsplash. We also added the same element in the new toilet as a reference to make sure the whole home tells the same story and there is a transition between rooms.

Кухненски бокс

Кухненски бокс интериор

We proposed to create the Breakfast nook, so relevant in recent years, thanks to which the dining area is maximally comfortable, compact and at the same time provides additional storage space.

They say that the heart of every home is the kitchen. This home is no exception, and for that reason, we’ve accented the dining area by adding playful wallpaper, of course featuring turquoise. For the area with upholstered furniture, we have decided on shades of gray. In this way, a pleasant atmosphere is created which allows the dining area to stand out.


Обновяване интериор хол

Although we dramatically increased the storage space in the kitchen and living room, we actually managed to free up a lot of space where the youngest inhabitants of the home can play.

Обновяване кухненски бокс


The toilet has become a little jewel combining a deep turquoise color with white Subway tiles. The interior is complemented by black accessories and a modern mirror with a leather hanging strap.

Due to the small space in the bathroom, we opted for lighter pastel colors and more texture to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

You can see more photos from the project in the gallery.




Elitsa Dimitrova




43 sq.m.

Estate type