Challenge: to create a cozy atmosphere in a fully north facing room

We were particularly excited about the newborn room project. Creating a functional and cozy space for the little ones is a responsible task and even the smallest details matter. This nursery room will welcome a newborn little human being and we must make sure that he or she feels good and has all the comforts he or she needs and for the mother.

In addition to the mandatory baby crib, we made sure there was enough space to store baby’s clothes and nappies. The chest is a convenient “station” in which to arrange all the necessary facilities for diper change and hygiene.

We have provided a seating area where mom can comfortably sit and feed the little human. It contains an armchair, footpad and a convenient side table. We have also placed a bed on which she can take rest without letting the little one out of sight.

Since the nursery room is North facing and lacking in abundance of natural light. We opted for very soft warm tones such as cream and beige.

We chose soft natural materials and fabrics. Wooden linings, cotton, and linen to bring the more natural vibes and serenity so necessary for the baby.



Elitsa Dimitrova




13 Sq. m.

Estate type