Restaurant Interior

Client Requirement: Create a cozy inviting atmosphere

Restaurant interior design is always so much fun!

In this amazing project, our client wanted to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere for his potential clients.
He wanted people to be able to come and have a meal but at the same time to just hang out with friends over a drink. And no matter what they decide to do to feel cozy in an informal but elegant environment.

That is why we created a few areas where all these activities can take place.

Right next to the entry a standing area takes place. There people can have a drink from the bar and chat or just wait for their table. There is more sitting space at the bar as well.

The seating area is intended for the people who would like to enjoy a meal with family and friends company.

As the space is long and narrow we wanted to brighten it up with a lot of vibrant yellow tone. To create dimension and at the same time natural vibe we used a few shades of green. Plants and woods bring an additional sense of natural coziness and effortless elegance to the restaurant interior.

Because of the lack of natural light in the toilet area, we decided to go for the yellow tones again to brighten it up. The oversized vineyard print creates depth in the narrow space and takes you to a sunny place where the sun is caressing the young vines.

The flooring decided in natural stone completes the mood and adds texture.



Elitsa Dimitrova




111 Sq. m

Estate type